IDMA Approved Products


The world's smallest level 3 recorder packs the quality of a sleep laboratory in the palm of your hand. The MediByte is just 2.5 x 2.25 x 0.75 inches (66 x 60 x 19mm) and weighs in at just 3.3 ounces (93g).


Dentistry's Only Digital Occlusal Analysis SystemT-Scan™ is dentistry's only clinically recognized and research validated digital occlusion analysis system.


The DIAGNOdent Pen

Detecting caries the safe way
Caries detection through the perfect supplementation of three competent procedures: Your trained expert eye, x-ray imaging, and the DIAGNOdent pen.

Microlux Transilluminator

The Microlux Transilluminator is used for detecting Anterior and Posterior Caries. It also helps to visualize crown fractures, root canal orifice, and root fractures. 

Microlux applications include an accessory for Proximal Caries detection, and Oral Cancer Screening.

IDMA Training Manual

The Integrated Dental Medicine Academy developed a computerized proprietary Dental Medicine software management system that links the participating dentist to the physician.


IDMA Sleep Diagnostic Center

The IDMA Sleep Diagnostic Center computer contains our proprietary management software that interfaces dental and medical offices facilitating increased patient treatment and retention including identifying patients that present with scalloped tongues, abfractions, maxillary and mandibular tori, mallampati defects of the soft and hard palate.


Surface EMG is the worldwide standard method for recording muscle-specific activity in skeletal muscles. It has been proven reliable in numerous studies over many years.


BioJVA™ Joint Vibration Analysis is based on simple principles of motion and friction: When smooth surfaces rub together, little friction is created…and little vibration. 


The JT-3D was researched & developed to provide incredibly accurate measurements in mandibular kinesiology. It started with the new FGM* Sensors perfected by BioRESEARCH engineering department.


QuadraTENS is a safe, simple, low-cost and effective alternative to narcotic drugs for managing orofacial pain. Unlike drugs, QuadraTENS stimulation has no side effects (nausea, tiredness, etc.).

Sonicator 740

The Sonicator 740 is 1 and 3 MHz therapeutic ultrasound unit that comes standard with a 5cm2 dual frequency applicator.

It is light-weight and portable and features a universal applicator cable to make changing applicators quick and easy.


Dentistry's Only Digital Occlusal Analysis SystemT-Scan™ is dentistry's only clinically recognized and research validated digital occlusion analysis system.


MLS Laser Therapy technology is the most advanced laser therapy system on the market. Reduction of response times, and therefore overall treatment times, distinguishes MLS Laser Therapy from traditional laser therapy with reciprocal advantages for both the operator and the patient.

T-Scan/BioEMG Software

Integration Software Occlusion & Muscle Function Tekscan has teamed up with BioResearch Associates, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI), an EMG Manufacturer specializing in dentistry, to provide a means for dentists to measure force, timing, and balance of the occlusion and craniofacial muscles simultaneously. 

The Alpha-Stim® 100

For pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress. Easy to Use.

The TerraQuant Pro Package

Our Pro package is the most popular TerraQuant package with a seperate emitter and controller.

This comprehensive package is a full turnkey system that allows you to start treating patients immediately.