The Referral Numbers Are Significant As A Referring Medical Provider – Be It A Hospital, Urgent Care Or Other MD - Can Only Refer To A Dentist With In-Office Systems That Are Compatible

If a Dentist is accepted into the IDMA Program they can expect the following:

The IDMA Academy was created to help Dentists expand their practices from the standard drill and fill practice by adding additional needed treatments for their patients that would typically go underdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. After years having IDMA staff inside dental and medical practices screening all patients we discovered that a common problem existed in all health care facilities, no matter how through offices think they are in identifying patient needs there is still a very large percentage of patients that are underdiagnosed and go untreated.

Many of those patients have issues not being solved by the medical professionals and only a well-trained dentist can help them. These patients spend a life time going from one health care provider to another hoping someone can solve their problem. The IDMA Academy is dedicated to helping dentists become the provider that can help with these issues we call Dental Medicine.

IDMA has developed a simple turnkey business system that fits seamlessly into any general dentist practice without disrupting their existing business that will teach them how to work with Hospital, Urgent Care offices and MD offices for a consistent flow of new referrals, how to screen, identify, test and treat this huge volume of new untapped patients. This is for the dentist with lots of training or very little, lots of extra equipment or none but have a desire to increase the standard of care in their office.

Training takes places in phases. The first phase of training is conducted via webinar and involves training on all new equipment and the implementation of the sustainable business protocols which will enhance the profitability of the Practice. These protocols are incorporated seamlessly into the Practice and will in no way disrupt the existing Practice routine. The implementation of these protocols will allow the Practice to generate additional revenue from existing programs in which the Practice has already invested (i.e. Cone beam, TMJ courses etc..)

The initial training to transition the Dental Practice into one that practices “Dental Medicine” is also conducted via webinar and phone conference. This training involves the use of the equipment obtained through the program as well as introduction to and training on interdisciplinary treatment protocols.

The instructors are experts in their field and completion of this initial training will allow the Dentist to be certified as an IDMA Dentist. Certification will allow the IDMA Dentist to begin accepting referrals from Medical Doctors (and Doctors of other disciplines) in their area and begin creation of and execution of the choreographed treatment plans (in conjunction with the other Doctors involved).

Advanced IDMA training is recommended.  This training is scheduled when the IDMA Dentist wishes to expand this aspect of their Practice and is conducted at one of several training locations across the country.