Patients Are Referred For A Specific Procedure So No "Selling" Is Required. Patients Present With Appropriate Insurance
Or With Check In Hand

The IDMA Dentist – Serving Hospitals, Urgent Care Locations And Other Medical Providers  Through The Treatment Of Their Patient Referrals

The Integrated Dental Medicine Academy (IDMA) was created through the collaborative efforts of Dentists, Medical Doctors and other professionals. IDMA is looking for qualified Dentists who are able to accept the referral of patients from hospitals, urgent care locations and other Medical Providers.

The patients will be primarily general dental patients but the participating IDMA Dentist is also trained to treat other conditions as well. Medical Providers will refer patients for treatment of specific conditions so patients generally present with insurance and/or check in hand. Member Practices will also be equipped with sustainable business protocols that will ensure that the IDMA Member Dentist is fairly compensated for their services.

Is Membership In The IDMA Right For Your Practice?

IDMA seeks Dentists who are able to accept new patient referrals and who are committed to working with Medical Providers in the screening, treatment and reporting protocols expected through the referral. The IDMA Dentist will help to ensure the delivery of the highest level of care to the patient by working with Medical Providers of varied disciplines.

Testimonials: What our clients are saying

We believe that any program is best evaluated on a “Doctor to Doctor” level. We encourage you to see what our participating Dentists have to say in order to thoroughly evaluate the program.

IDMA Business Systems Plus works with Dentists, Medical Doctors, Sleep Centers and DME's to identify and to offer the most appropriate care for patients suffering with sleep apnea issues. The Dental Office in an area is established as the appliance treatment location for patients who can benefit from treatment with an oral appliance.

See the below testimonials to see what other Dentists are doing with Business Systems Plus.

$75,000 in just over 3-months:

"I’ve been with the IDMA Business Systems Plus group for just over three months and in that time the increase in production we’ve seen in our office has paid for the program itself. The things they’re going teach you are easy to use and I would highly recommend them.“ Dr. BT

On track for $550,000 this year:

“I have been with Business Systems Plus just over 90 days now. My first week I grossed just over $7200, this is additional revenue. I made money and increased my revenue from my very first day and by the end of my first month, my first 20 working days, my tracking showed that I had increased my production $58,000. I think that if we keep on this pace, we should do at least $550,000 of new revenue this year so I can’t speak highly enough about these guys. I recommend these guys and I’m glad I did it. Thank you.“ Dr. HD

Paid off in 2-months. Profitable from day one:

“I have been with Business Systems Plus and involved with their programs for over three years and I got involved with them at a time when my practice was in a very bad way financially and they really helped us turn it around. We took a long hard look at the program and decided that it was something we needed to do to help fix the financial situation we were in and the best thing we ever did. We managed to pay off the program in just over two months time, with additional revenue generated by the program and it works from day one. The day that you implement the program you start generating income for your office. I would recommend any office, any dentist to go ahead and take advantage of this program as soon as possible.“ Dr. GD

Over $75,000 in two months - easy to implement - no hassle in office:

"I have been involved with Business Systems Plus for just over three months now, and I wasn’t sure about the program. I had my doubts that they could deliver on what they promised. You know, more than $20,000 increase in your revenue and every month? It sounded too good to be true, but I ended up paying for the entire program in just over two months with increased revenue generated by the program and that was over and above what I was already doing and it didn’t upset my office staff, and it didn’t interfere with the day to day running of the office. They’re a very straight forward and simple program and it’s easy to implement" Dr. BH

$8,000 in first day. $25,000 in first month:

"One of our Dentists did $8,000 first day on only step one. Another did $25,000 first month. Not a bad start."

IDMA Business Systems Plus Sleep Systems:

“I have to tell you that the things I have learned since receiving the IDMA Business Systems Plus training have literally changed the lives of two of my patients. One with mild sleep apnea told me yesterday that since she started wearing her appliance, “I stay up later and get more done, wake up earlier and feel ready to face the day. And I am exercising again because I have energy that I didn’t have!” Another with severe sleep apnea said that within two days of getting her appliance, everybody at her work was talking about how much she had changed. She literally had light in her eyes again. There was a visible change in her countenance, her energy level, everything. She’s been less ill since then. It’s been wonderful! So, thank you IDMA Business Systems Plus for creating the opportunity for me to care for my patients in this deeply significant way. It means the world to me.”

"Tonight we completed our first patient and sent out for our first appliance. All went fantastic. I was so happy to tell the patient that we could possibly achieve an almost 89% increase. He is CPAP intolerant so he is looking for some type of relief. His wife doesn’t want him to die in his sleep."

"We are growing nicely. The day after this email, I saw 11 patients in the sleep clinic, 3 new, 3 delivered appliances and 5 rechecks. So, to this point, I'm happy with how it's going. The sleep clinic in general is continuing to grow and our patient acceptance has gone from about 15-20% to 90+."

IDMA Business Systems Plus Software System:

"Please let me reiterate how impressed and happy I am with IDMA Business Systems Plus.The software I'm using is fantastic and the screening of my patients is simple and professional. I'm completely shocked with how many patients I've discovered obstructive airway disorders on so far. My commitment to establishing myself as a premiere sleep dentist is extremely high."

Support S​ystems:

“Thank you. I have to tell you that you have a good group working with you. I was impressed with those I met at training. Enthusiasm. Passion. Commitment. A real desire to be part of a team that helps as many people as possible to improve their health. Very nice contrast with other consultants with whom I’ve worked. I sensed that you all really are in it for the patient.

"IDMA Business Systems Plus is the best decision we made for our practice!"

Feedback from IDMA Business Systems Plus Mentors using IDMA Business Systems Plus Software to track client results:

  • Dr. T has been in the program almost 2 months now and has increased his production by almost $50,000.
  • Dr. C put $3,687.00 extra in his schedule his 2nd day of the program.
  • Dr. D office increased their production $9,184.00 the first week of the program.
  • Dr. G had his schedule fall apart and was able to change a day of what would have been 0.00 production to $3,300.00.
  • Dr. F has added over $34,000 in new production her first 2 weeks of the program.
  • Dr. H told us were it not for this program he would not have made his quarterly tax payment last quarter.
  • Dr. R.D. instituted our program and added over 6,000 in new revenue his first day.
  • Dr. G.D. started with us in April and realized an increase in 77,000 in the first month. This dr. paid for the program in 19 days.
  • Dr. W.H. has increased his production 98,000 in 3 months.
  • Dr. B.T. has increased his revenue 26,000 his first month with us.
  • Dr. J.W. produced over 30,000 with our program last month.

Doctors at SDC have added over $1,200,000 with us in just under 4 years

IDMA Business Systems Plus Guarantees what we say. Add an extra $240,000 or more to your office over the next 12-months or so. Start now and change the lives of all you touch.