Transitioning To An IDMA Dentist Will Differentiate Your Practice From All Other Dental Practices In Your Area

Benefits Of Participation

To The Patient

The patient receives the highest level of care through the choreographed efforts of the IDMA Dentist and other Medical Providers.  As the referring Medical Providers using same screening of their patients, patients are more likely to be referred to the most appropriate Medical and/or Dental Provider, using the same screening, which increases the likelihood of treatment success.

When there is an IDMA Dentist in an area, a patient has the opportunity to address and eliminate issues that were previously treated inadequately or ineffectively.  Many patients achieve relief that they have never before experienced.


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Benefits Of Participation

To The Dentist


The participating IDMA Dentist receives equipment and in-office systems, which are compatible to those in the offices of hospitals, urgent care locations and other Medical Providers which makes it possible for the Dentist to acept and treat referrals from these and from other sources.

The IDMA Dentist receives referrals because their in-office IDMA systems to screen and treat patients and to report back to the referring Medical Provider are compatible with the IDMA system in the office of the referring provider be it a hospital, a urgent care location and/or another MD.  No other Dentist can receive these referrals because the system in the office of the referring Medical Provider has to be compatible with the system in the receiving Dentist’s office.

An added value of the program is that patients are screened in the office of the Medical Provider so that they present at the office of the Dentist in need of a specific service.  They are not “tire kickers” or in a need of a “sales pitch” but rather they present with the necessary insurance or with check in hand. 

IDMA enhances the quality of care provided to patients because patients screened in the office of Medical Providers are referred to the most appropriate provider (i.e. the IDMA Dentist).  The IDMA based screening testing and reporting provided by the IDMA Dentist back to the referring Medical Provider, allows the Medical Provider to create/adjust their treatment plan to deliver the most effective treatment possible for the patient.  

The IDMA Dentist also incorporates sustainable business protocols which, when implemented, ensure that the Dentist is compensated fairly for their services.  These protocols are also effective at generating revenue from programs in which the Dentist may previously have invested (i.e. Cone beam, TMJ courses etc..)  

A majority of patients referred from Medical Providers and from other sources are for conditions that fall within the category of “General Dentistry” but the IDMA Dentist is also trained on advanced procedures which will increase the scope of the patients they are able to treat.

The business protocols implemented in the practice of the IDMA Dentist will allow the Dentist to generate revenue from the other modalities purchased (i.e. Perio Systems, Lasers, Sleep Courses, TMJ Courses, Occlusion Classes, Implant or Craniofacial “mini residences”, Cone Beam and other high tech demos.)